New Discovery Montessori

parent involvement
At New Discovery Monetessori, we realize that parents are our greatest allies in education.  We want to know if you have a suggestion for a way to improve the education your child is receiving.

We also want parents to feel welcome to become as involved in the school as they would like.  Here are just a few ways that parents are getting involved:
-  Volunteering to mow the lawn
-  Helping to maintain the garden and flowers during the summer months
-  Signing up to substitute in the event that two of our teachers are ill
-  Donating scrapbook paper and other items for crafts
-  Helping to repaint the classroom each summer
-  Organizing playdates with other children from the school
-  Coming to speak to the class about your profession, or even a recent trip
-  Donating a new tree or other plants for our Earth Day event

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